• Citrobioshield

I used Citrobioshield for my disinfectant work and this is my review !

I own a hospital in Bengaluru and have been into this business for the past 15 years. It so happens that whenever we need to sanitize our wards, ICU, and other medical chambers we often face the difficulty of vacating the place and disinfecting it. Due to the presence of Alcohol contents and other chemicals we always take extra precautions for the same.

I recently came across this ad of Germkill India Labs wherein they had launched their new product citrobioshield. I saw the video and got in touch with them immediately.

Now, I started using their product and realized that I don't need to vacate my hospital or patients to disinfectant the area. It is very safe and has properties that alcohol sanitizers lack. The solutions from citrobioshield are not only safe but free from alcohol and other harmful chemicals. The killing rate stands at 99.9999 %.

Its Natural and Organic Antimicrobial property is something which is the USP for the market.

All the disinfectants contain alcohol and many chemicals that directly or indirectly affect us.

The features of Citrobioshield - Natural and Organic Antimicrobial :

  • Organic

  • Natural

  • Biodegradable – 99.9999%

  • Odorless

  • Non – corrosive

  • Non – irritant

  • Non – allergenic

  • Non – carcinogenic

  • Non – mutagenic

  • Fast-acting

  • Long residual effect

  • Excellent material compatibility

  • Leaves no toxic/sticky residue

  • Works within a pH range of 2 to 12

  • Non-harmful to humans, animals, and the environment

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