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Hans India - Germkill comes up with new shield against coronavirus

In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic playing havoc on the world, Germkill India has innovated a completely bio organic product "Citrobioshield" which has been time-tested for antimicrobial activity to be very effective against Covid-19. It was announced on Thursday in collaboration with BRAINS Hospital where the product has undergone detailed preclinical testing for the last three months and has been proven very effective.

This fact has been tested extensively as per the international norms using the standard assessment measures stringently by the certified labs. The data is quite robust and supportive of the fact that citrobioshield has an effective viricidal activity especially against Covid-19. Therefore, this innovative product can be used at all healthcare as well as high risk areas where community is at risk to reduce the viral load in the environment. This is a very unique product and highly effective in preventing and combating the Covid-19 by a simple process.



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