• Citrobioshield

Features of Citrobioshield !

Features It is a broad-spectrum, multi-purpose, surface, and fine mist air disinfectant. ​ It works against viruses (Enveloped, Non-enveloped DNA & RNA). It is the most useful product when there is a need to disinfect and deodorize large areas during epidemic/endemic/pandemic outbreaks (Eg: Swine Flu, COVID 19), infections during/after floods). Can be used with these techniques: Scrubbing, Mopping, Spraying, Fogging, Soaking / Immersion methods. It is effective against molds, yeast, and fungi. Suitable for disinfection of critical areas (OT, ICU, etc) and sterilization of endoscopes and surgical instruments. It is highly effective against bacteria (Gram-positive & Gram Negative). It is fast-acting and has a long residual effect. There is no need to shift the equipment or people at the time of fogging and the area can be utilized immediately after disinfection. It has been developed to proactively eliminate the incidences of virulent microbial diseases that have become immune to chemical-based

alternatives in hospital environments.

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